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Arsenic Is In Our Wells and Ground Water!!!
So Is Mercury, Manganese, Copper, Lead and Zinc etc.
Arsenic Poisoning Causes Cancer
Lead Poisoning Causes Brain Damage and Central Nervous System Damage, especially in children!

Article from CDC 08/21/2017


Norovirus in Bottled Water Associated with Gastroenteritis Outbreak, Spain, 2016


In April 2016, an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness (4,136 cases) occurred in Catalonia, Spain. We detected high levels of norovirus genotypes I and II in office water coolers associated with the outbreak. Infectious viral titer estimates were 33–49 genome copies/L for genotype I and 327–660 genome copies/L for genotype II.

Do you have iron bacteria. Do it yourself at home. Buy the empty tube with nutrients at the bottom, add tap water (tube on left) and set it in an empty cup. Observe. If after 3 - 7 days the water has turned the same color as the tube on the right, then you have iron bacteria. We can help you to be rid of them!!! You may purchase these sterile tubes with nutrient inside for $60.00 each and test for:
1. Iron bacteria
2. Sulfur bacteria
3. Heterotrophic bacteria
4. Slime bacteria
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Iron Bacteria Results
Sulfur Bacteria Results
Your Sediment Filter Needs to be changed
All this water flows into the public water system and is distributed to its customers, or filters through the ground to a water reservoir below which then feeds wells.
Cow Dung Trampled by Cows on the Edge of a Creek
Sediment Runoff into a Local Pond. Water goes to creek then the Chattahoochee River
These Silt Fences are Collapsing due to Poor Maintenance
The Following Tests MUST Be Done for Bottled Water Startup and Annually Thereafter
NOTE: Prices are approximate, Testing is more expensive now than at the time the prices were quoted