Our Mission


To Provide: 

1.  Affordable top quality testing of water, soil, and air to individuals and industry

2.  Clear explanations of what the results mean so YOU understand

3. Affordable and Practical Solutions to Water Quality Problems for the private individual and industry

4.  A reliable source of environmental information to public and private enterprises

5.  Education on Water Related Issues (We are certified to teach the "Get the Dirt Out" water quality for our natural waters course)

6.  The resources to identify, and remedy environmental and water-quality related problems

7.  Certified "Qualified personnel to perform National Pollution and Storm Water Discharge Elimination System Permit monitoring (NPDES)" and Inspections.

8.  Outstanding water testing skills and laboratory. Dr. Essich is certified to do water testing as a "Certified Drinking Water Laboratory Analyst" and the lab is currently being prepared for certification.

9. Consulting in the specialty areas for Dr. Essich, that is microbiology, inspection and identification and treatment for molds, bacteria, and other microscopic living creatures in water, soil and air. We test wells, and environmental waters and provide solutions for problems with either so owners can improve and make safe, their water supply. We do testing for mortgages and home closings. Coliforms and E. coli are among the many organisms we test for. Mold and Radon in water and air are also available.

10. Consulting and testing for Indoor Air Quality, and for remediation information if remediation is needed. We are not performing tests and doing remediation ourselves because we feel this is a conflict of interests. So we do the testing and advise individuals how to do the remediation themselves, if the wish to, or refer them to professionals who can, and do remediations.

We can be contacted at dr_e@awsa.info or 706-892-6036