Please Note: Unlike other companies who test water, we do NOT have added charges such as for materials, or service calls or sampling etc. Our prices include EVERYTHING.
Travel exceeding 40 miles round Trip from Cleveland will be billed at $0.50 per mile
Bacteria in a client's contaminated tap water cannot be seen with the naked eye. The water appeared crystal clear. However... the blue colonies are E. coli!
E. coli
Coliforms & E. coli Only
If you live outside of White County, but less than 40 miles RT, there will be no charge for Round Trip travel.
It is always good to know if your are drinking silt (mud) along with your water. They only way to determine this with a sample that appears to be clear, is to measure the Turbidity. This measurement normally costs over $150.00 but we include it with coliform testing for only $50.00, for a total of $110.00. When coliform tests come back positive, it is important to know for that reason and also because the result determines what kind of particle (or sediment) filtration you need. This is not expensive, but filters do come in different pore diameters and you want one that removes the silt but does not need to be changed too often. Ask us for the test and we will be able to recommend a filter.
There are two tests that Public Health Agencies recommend each well owner do at least twice a year. The first test is for bacteria called Coliforms and includes E. coli, and the second test (Total Dissolved Solids) TDS, gives a baseline for comparison of other dissolved contaminants in the water. With these tests done TWICE annually , one can feel confident that the water is considered safe for drinking. (In agricultural areas Nitrate should also be done)
Only $70.00 for TDS, Coliforms and E. coli.
If you live outside of White County, but less than 40 miles RT, please add $20.00 for travel to and from site
In rural areas, due to the application of nitrogen fertilizers and chicken litter, it is also recommended to do a, twice annual, NITRATE test.
If you live outside of White County, but less than 40 miles RT, please add $20.00 for travel to and from site
Mortgage / Loan Closings for standard loans usually require the Coliform / E. coli tests only. This is done for a fee of $60.00 (as shown above)
Mortgage closings for FHA, HUD and VA loans require the following tests:
1)  First Flush Lead
2)  Nitrate
3)  Nitrite
4)  Coliforms / E. coli (fecal coliforms and
5)  Turbidity (at mortgage company discretion)
The fee for this group of tests is $185.00 (add $50.00 for Turbidity when needed) and the turn-around time is approximately 8 working days. An additional Rush fee applies if the tests need to be returned by 72 hours.
The rush fee is $50.00. WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING
To arrange this testing please call us at 706-892-6036 or email (preferred) your request to Dr. Essich at We will send you the information you need to prepare for the test,(electricity on, pump operational etc) then come to collect the sample and provide lab report via email along with invoice.
Do you want to know what your WATER PRESSURE (PSI) before and during pumping is and the number of GALLONS PER MINUTE (GPM) you can pump from your well? Let us know (email us - ) and we'll come, test for, and give you those parameters for only $150.00 (ONLY $50.00 if other testing is requested on the site)
If you don't want pipes clogged like these then test for SRB's (Sulfate Reducing Bacteria) and IRB's (Iron Reducing Bacteria) which will quickly leave deposits like this in PVC and Metal pipes in your home distribution system.
Coliforms, E. coli, TDS, Electrical Conductivity, pH, Nitrate and Oxidation-Reduction Potential for only $110.00
Why would I want to test my water for REDOX Potential (Oxidation-Reduction potential- i.e. antioxidant properties)? This value is needed when you wish to install a water treatment filtration system. Also, because the lower the redox potential the stronger the antioxidant properties of the water. We worry about foods being oxidants/antioxidants, but our water is also a large source of oxidant or antioxidant. The ORP value tells us if the water is an oxidant or an antioxidant and how strongly it oxidizes or antioxidizes. If your water is an oxidant (undesireable), with treatment, a desired antioxidant value can be achieved inexpensively with our help. How much water do you consume every day that has oxidant properties and negates the antioxidant foods you eat?
Radon In Water. Radon in water is common in this part of Georgia (NE Mountain Areas). If it is in the water it will also be in the air in your home. Both put you at greater risk for cancer

Only $125.00

Highest Result To Date: 1741 pCi/Liter.   
Location: Well near Dahlonega, Georgia
Habersham County
Hall County
White County
Yellow Plus Red = Above Acceptable Levels. Note: over half the wells in these counties have Radon above acceptable levels.

(MMAB) Minerals Metals Anions Bacteria  Panel

Includes the tests required of public water systems when they startup. They are needed to establish proper filtration of the water and safety for human consumption.

Includes site visit, sampling, inspection. A consult with explanation of results and advice on what kind of filtration, if any, should be used. Testing is done with the best technology available and we don't sell filtration equipment..

ALL the Following are Included

Microscopic exam by a qualified professional microbiologist; Coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria; other bacteria if they become evident during testing / examination; Temperature; Conductivity (electrical conductivity); pH; Nitrate (NO3); Total Dissolved Solids (TDS); Color; Turbidity; Free Chlorine (Cl); Total Chlorine; Total Hardness; Total Alkalinity; Phosphorus (P); Potassium (K); Calcium (Ca); Magnesium (Mg); Manganese (Mn); Iron (Fe); Aluminum (Al); Boron (B); Copper (Cu); Zinc (Zn); Sodium (Na); Molybdenum (Mo); Chloride (Cl); Fluoride (Fl); Phosphate (PO4); Sulfate (SO4)

A "Best Value" at $350.00 We will match anyone's price if they do this panel of tests for less!!
Send your samples to us!! From anywhere in the US or Canada
Add $92.00 for Materials, Round Trip Shipping and Handling, Cooler w Ice Packs, Preservative, Instructions, 1 sterile and 3 non sterile sampling bottles, for Mail Order Testing (more than 100 miles round trip)
Do you want to be sure your well is free of biological contaminants that can cause diseases in man? Then Chlorine Shock your well!!
Chlorine Shocking Your Well
$450.00. Will take 2 days during which you cannot use the water. We take care of everything you need including the post treatment coliform testing (included in price).
 Guaranteed to kill coliform bacteria and E. coli as well as other bacteria and viruses in your well.
Also, please note that "grouped - multiple tests" are less expensive than individual tests: see above for grouped tests.
All your results are kept in the strictest confidence.

Individual Tests

Overnight Results add $50.00
Detects Bacteria, Fungi, Insects, Inorganic Debris Algae
Microscopic Exam ($60.00)
Measures Metals & Minerals
Total Dissolved Solids ($45.00)
Water Stains
Contributes to Water Hardness
Iron ($29.00)
Water Stains / Biofilm Forms Clogs Filters, Film in Toilet
Heterotrophic Bacteria ($95.00 requires 5 days)
Water Stains / Biofilm Forms Clogs Filters
Slime Bacteria / Fungi ($75.00)
Changes Hair Color & Stains Clothes & Musty Smell On Clothing after washing
Manganese ($45.00)
Water Stinks
Contributes to Water Hardness
Sulfate ($45.00)
Blood Pressure Problems &
Water Softener adds Sodium
Sodium ($80.00)
Hair color, Itching skin, Total Mineral and Metal content
pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Electrical Conductivity ($70.00)
Contributes to Water Hardness
Magnesium ($45.00)
Contributes to Water Hardness
Calcium ($50.00)
Soap less effective to wash, shower, clean dishes etc., Leaves spots on dishes and soap residue on body
Water Hardness; Calcium, Magnesium, Alkalinity ($65.00)
Toxic at any concentration. Present in Sediment in wells with discolored water
Arsenic ($90.00)
Toxic at any concentration. EPA standard is < 10 ppm
Nitrate ($40.00)
Toxic at any concentration
Nitrite ($45.00)
Toxic if Water is a Strong Oxidant - Oxidizing (ORP)
REDOX redox potential $39.00
Toxic if in High Concentrations
Stains fixtures, sinks, toilets etc.
Copper ($40.00)
Toxic in Very Small Quantities.
Accumulates in Tissue causing permanent brain and nervous system damage
Lead ($80.00)
Toxic at all concentrations
Mercury ($125.00)
Toxic at all concentrations
Gasoline OR Diesel in Water
Also, many additional water tests are available. Contact us, let us know what you want, and we will provide you with a quote.
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